How to Maximize Your Weekend Adventures!

How to Maximize Your Weekend Adventures!

When working the standard 9 to 5 week, trying to get out on the weekend can often end in the opposite happening for many people. Without proper planning, it’s easy to just let the weekend slip by with excuses of chores to do, bad weather, or needing a rest.

I’m no energizer bunny myself, I feel the strain of the workweek like any other person. But year after year, I consistently make it out on an adventure on 90% of the years weekends, and continue to build my outdoor skills and tick off a bunch of trips I’ve got on my adventure wishlist.

So if you want to get out more and have epic weekends, here’s how to do it!


Its starts with some ‘life preparation’. After all, if our life is tailored to make weekend adventures uncomplicated, well, it’ll just be much easier to do them!

Stay Organised!

If we keep everything in our life organised, things get much easier when the weekend rolls around. Keeping your home tidy, for one, makes it certain you don’t waste a whole weekend day catching up on it.

The same goes for your schedules. Keep days free for social stuff, catching up on work (if you need it), or anything else that can quickly overtake your best plans. Its ok to say no to social events, you can always catch up another time!

Keep your outdoor gear organised in containers or shelving, with every item having its place. Trust me, you’ll forget less stuff on your trips, and packing it all away when you return at the weekends end is also simpler.


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Try Minimalism!

Minimalism is the lifestyle of keeping things simple. It’s amazing how what was simply ‘life’ hundreds of years ago (less junk in homes ect), is doing a full 360° in our consumerist society with more and more people adopting the simple life; and they are happier and mentally healthier for it!

You can take it to any level you want, but in the most basic sense, try to reduce what you use, how much you buy, and what you own that doesn’t add any value. Clean out the garage and house and then stop it from filling again. Haven’t used it in a year? Get rid of it!

Do the ultimate spring clean, and then aim to keep it that way. One way I found myself accumulating less was living in a van for 7 months. Now that was a lesson in space saving!

Take Rest Days

It’s easy to burn yourself out. I’ve done it a few times and it’s no fun at all. It’s important to schedule rest days. Chill out and do nothing. You can even set aside the odd weekend to do this! I often like to do my rest days when it’s a rainy weekend. I'll keep going until it sets in, then eat junk food and watch movies! I also like to keep certain days during the week free to get an early night and recover. Your body and mind need it, and in order to keep doing it, you gotta look after them!

Have Backup Plans

One easy way to have your plans for the weekend fall through is by not having backup plans! Always have a bad weather day option, and account for the unexpected cancellation of your adventure buddies. A great idea is to keep a list of trips you can do on bad weather days. This means you don’t have to spend ages trying to decide what to do.

Diversify Your Activities

Going hand in hand with your backup plans are having multiple activities. Enjoying winter when it snows and you aren’t fond of the cold is much easier to do when you have some activities to do at that time of year. The same goes if your area experiences blasting hot summers. Think about what you like to do, how it fits in your budget, and also fits in with the location and climate around you.

By following these tips, you’ll find it much easier to follow through on weekend plans and make epic things happen. Another awesome way to do this is to take the occasional mini retirement! Either way, with a bit of practice, maximising your weekend becomes easy!

Got your own tips for how you like to maximise your weekend? Leave a comment to share it!

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