One Easy Way You Can Have an Adventure Every Weekend!

Getting involved in something new, especially an adventure sport, can often be intimidating or confusing as to where to begin. But those things shouldn’t stop you from trying. And there is a way to get involved with like minded people easily, and the best thing is, you can do it every weekend!

Back when I first started hiking, I wanted to find other passionate outdoor enthusiasts to do stuff with every weekend. I wanted to find people at a similar age as me, who liked to have adventures and be outside. It was a lifestyle changeover period for me so I was having trouble finding people for every weekend.

It took a while, but eventually I stumbled on a website that changed everything. I was able to have nonstop adventures for as long as I wanted!

ADVENTURES EVERY WEEKEND! is a website that connects people with the same interests. There is a Meetup group for practically everything.

And best of all? It FREE!

Imagine having every weekend for the next 2 months booked out with cool, adventurous stuff. Once I went to one hike, it kept snowballing from there. And now, years later, I have tons of friends I met at these events. In fact, I even ran a group for about 2 years!


Joining a meetup event is free and easy. Occasionally some groups may ask for a small coin donation, but the majority don’t.

Once you have signed up with the usual email and password business, have a look for the groups you would like to join. You can join as many as you’d like, and having a few is a good idea anyway to give you variety.

Once in a group, pending admin approval sometimes, just look at what events are going and sign up to one you like.

Quick note: Having run a group for 2 years, it is very poor form if you sign up and then don;t go on the day. Some groups may kick you out for this sort of behaviour. It’s very frustrating on the organisers end. If you can't make it, let them know!

Always make sure to read the full description before signing up. Adventures and abilities vary, so pick something suited to yours.

Turtle rock caves


Many people, especially if you are shy, will be hesitant about meeting strangers for an adventure. This is normal. You will very quickly make friends by attending the same groups events. I have many close friends from the events I attended.

Here's my top tips to make it easy when starting out:

Only go to an event with 4 or more people. This is great so you have enough people to talk to, and you don’t get stuck with one person. Most events I ran had 6-12 come along. Some events had over 30!

Read the event descriptions carefully to make sure you are capable and know what the event will entail. This is especially true for hikes and other outdoor activities. Don’t worry if you are a beginner, there's always beginner friendly events running.

Only RSVP if you intend on coming, and DO make an effort to come. Remember that the people organising and running these events do it on a volunteer basis, so be respectful of their hard work. Make an effort, and you will be rewarded with a good experience.

Remember that everyone there is probably new too, and you will quickly connect with these people, you are all in the same boat.

Don't worry if you lack a vehicle, carpooling is quite common and a great way to connect with the other attendees. Many people are travellers, so the lack of transport is not an issue. Just let the group know you are seeking a ride share.

Ask the event leader any questions you may have, don’t be shy or feel stupid. Since I ran a group and events, I can say that we want everyone to connect, and we want to know if you aren’t sure about something. There is both public and private messaging options on the website or mobile app. Use them!

Kangaroo Point abseiling

So if you are having trouble getting out every weekend and would like to have more adventures, moved to a new city or location, or just want to get into new activities, check and see what's happening around you, and never be bored again

There's no excuse now you can’t have an adventure every week!


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