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What if, after reading all this (hopefully) amazing content on The Vertical Adventurer website, you say to yourself “I really like this, I want to say thank you!”


Well, there are a few ways!


I love getting people into the outdoors and out of their comfort zones. I also love creating content for people to help them. If you like what I am doing on this website and want to help, here’s how!

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All those late nights labouring to make everything perfect requires a hefty quantity of coffee (and cake, especially cake!!) to keep me going. So if you are loving the content and what I’m doing, why not ‘buy me a coffee’?


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If you are really feeling it, you can provide ongoing support through my Patreon page. With the various tiers, I hope to offer something you will like. And more rewards will be added as time goes on!


Have a look:

One of the current offers is the ‘adventure accountability buddy’ tier!

For the full idea of what it’s all about, go HERE and have a read. I think you’ll like it!

So thank you for supporting the website and blog in whichever way you can! Every little bit helps make it better!