Adventure Accountability Buddies! What Are They?

I was starting to feel the lack of enthusiasm creep in. The big trip was less than 2 months away but I just didn’t feel like keeping active. I like chocolate, cake, and binge watching TV shows, I can’t help it, I’m sorry. It was time something changed. I needed an accountability buddy. And wow, did things change from then!

If you are unlike me and are psyched for the next training session and can achieve every goal in your life without troubles, head on over HERE and read some random adventure.


Now that the rare, ultra-motivated people are gone the rest of us can get down to business!


We all know what it’s like to fail to motivate for something. An adventure, a climb, a hike or just getting fit. It’s in our nature to procrastinate and delay.

Well, there is a way to get those goals ticked.

An accountability buddy!

What is a accountability buddy?

Think of an accountability buddy as the person you trust to kick your butt into gear. They are hard to find I'll admit, but you can start with some basic buddies. Like your friends. (See HERE if you lack friends)

When we are held accountable for our actions, we usually take them more seriously.

Think of this example:

You want to run more and keep making it your goal to run every morning for a month.

You fail and keep sleeping in.

Now you approach your trusted friend, hand them a thick roll of $200 cash, and tell them to not give it back until you’ve run every morning for a month.

I bet you'll be running the very next morning!

We don’t all have wads of $200 cash lying around of course, but we can take it back a notch or two and still get the same effect.

An accountability buddy is there to elicit the correct emotions that you need to achieve your goal.

And I think this needs emphasising: elicit the correct emotion that you need to achieve your goal.

Maybe you react to disappointment from them, or praise. Or maybe you need a reminder from them every second day. Perhaps they can try WITH YOU if your goals align.

What’s important is that you can rely on them. They should be able to motivate you by keeping you accountable.

In the above pictures, we motivated Josh to keep up with his 100 burpee challenge while we went overseas on an adventure holiday. Each day he would add another burpee until day 100. Rail, hail or shine, we made sure he never missed a day. Imagine doing close to 100 burpees after hiking for 8 hours. Well, he made it! Good work Josh!


The best way to find one is often to start becoming one yourself. Finding people whose goals are the same as yours allows for both of you to work as a team to progress and achieve.

Here is what you need to do once someone is interested.

► Commit to helping that person. You need to approach it with the same enthusiasm and commitment as you would like in return.

► Stick to the time frame and check in as agreed. Make sure to agree on HOW and WHEN you will check in with them. Put it in your calendar. Email, phone or in person? Agree on what works best.

► Don’t give advice if its not wanted. Ask before giving any advice, people are busy and may just need to work it out themselves. This obviously depends on the relationship that you have with them.

► Be ready to adapt and change. Priorities do change and things do come up. Within reason, time limits or goals may have to be altered.

► If you are both after the same goal it’s up to both people to be accountability buddies to one another.


Finding people can often be the hardest part. You can search groups like on Facebook or for the same interest to find someone. Don't be shy to actually just put it out there what you intend to do. You might be surprised to find others just like you!

And if all else fails there’s one more place you can go…

The Vertical Adventurer!

Knowing just how hard it can be, I will certainly be able to help keep you accountable to your goals.

Just head over HERE to get started! Whatever your outdoor goals, I am there to help!

So whether you just want to get fit, send that climb you’ve been working on or just go for your first hike, adventure accountability buddies are there to help you!


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