How to Have Big Adventures. Your Guide to Making Big Adventures and Goals Happen!

I think most of us dream big. It’s hard not too. We’ve all got some far-flung destination we want to go, or an adventure playing out in our minds eye. We might have the perfect plan but it can all come apart before it even begins.

A lack of action or initiative is usually the cause. Never coming to fruition, the big adventures and goals stay dreams as they dwindle and fade away.

Adult responsibilities take over. Social pressure to keep up with the rat race continues. Life sucks sometimes, right?

But there is a way! And the following steps will get you there.


This is my favourite part. Accountability. I have raved on about this in many posts but there's a reason for it.

Its highly effective!

So what is it?

Accountability is when you make a goal known publicly with the intention of having some repercussions on your follow through (or lack thereof). When we are held accountable for our actions, we tend to take them more seriously.

So take to social media and tell everyone your goal. Tell your friends and family. Tell everyone you meet. It’s scary to do, but that’s the point. Without that pressure of a follow through, you are going to slack off. Not telling anyone those goals means you can slink off into the shadows, no one none the wiser to your ambitious plans. And we don’t want that!

I always talk about taking that first step. Well, this is it! It’s time to commit to a little promo of your big adventure goal.

And if you need a little more to get started, you can call on some:

Adventure Accountability Buddies!


Committed on social media and with friends, family and strangers, we are going to add some more attachment. Taking it to a new level, it’s time to throw some money at it.

You are going to buy the ticket. The best way to be committed to your goal, is to have a financial dedication to making it happen.

It’s never going to be the perfect time. Finances, time off work, fitness, it’s never going to be exactly where you want it to be. So book the tickets. The rest will follow.

Maybe tickets aren’t relevant to your goal, the key is to make a non-refundable investment.

I have a short story that illustrates this perfectly:

Imagine the scene if you will, a man standing in one of those old outhouse toilets, the ones impossibly far away from the main house, especially at night. And he’s about to do what a man sometimes has to do. He’s gazing down into the murky mysterious waters about to begin, when suddenly, he notices something bright down there, shining up at him.

It’s glittering, sparkling, and brilliant. It’s a mint-fresh gold coin.

His reaction is immediate and human. A voice in his head says, “That could be mine,” and he begins to roll up his shirtsleeve. But suddenly he stops.

And the voice says, “But is it worth it?”

He considers a moment or two, contemplating what to do. And then he has a brilliant idea. He puts his hand in his pocket. Takes out another bright, shiny, sparkling gold coin. Looks at it for a moment or two. And then throws it down into the murky depths so it’s resting next to the other one. Then he rolls up his sleeve with purpose.

And he smiles and says, “Now it’s worth it!”

See what I mean? It’s time to get invested. So book the ticket and go on to the next step. It’s all going to work out.


Shit. You’ve booked the ticket. Now what?

This step is called ‘chunking it down’. It’s time to work out the little steps to get you to your adventure or goal and make use of that non-refundable ticket you bought!

By working on each detail of the plan, it all starts to come together. Take it in steps and it becomes much easier. Break down that big goal into little ‘chunks’.

For example:

► Destination (getting around, food, supplies, visas ect)

► The adventure (fitness, gear, partners ect)

► Finances for the trip or goal (savings, budgets ect)

► Backup plans (if weather, partner of other things go sour ect)

Don’t do tomorrow what you could have done today! Set it in your calendar and make time to handle each part. You're committed now, remember?


It’s going to be an adventure, in every sense of the word! You need to be prepared that things don’t always go as planned. Some of the most memorable experiences are those that had variables change unexpectedly.

In the outdoors we tend to call these trips ‘epics’.

But don’t aim to have them! Plan for the variables, especially things like terrain and weather. You want to come home from the adventure after all.

It’s good to have a degree of flexibility on your adventures. Embrace adventure and then give it some. Imagine who you want to be and become that person.

Adventures can also suck. You can come home empty handed but still have an amazing experience. It’s about the journey, not the destination. Enjoy those little pains. After its all said and done, you will cherish them. They are reminders that you did what you set out to do. You had a big adventure goal and you went after it.

Remember, you are ahead of everyone else still dreaming. You are living your dream.

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