Finding other adventure buddies can often be the hardest part about getting outdoors when you are starting or have moved someplace new. Heres how you can do it!

Adventure sports are on the rise. So what's the hype about? What exactly happens to you when you do an adventure sport?

Climbers love their gear! So what exactly do you get someone if they love climbing and seem to have everything already? Well, this list should help!

What started out as a perfect sunny day turned a little more epic while ice climbing. Should we have just gone skiing? Here's how it all went...

Belaying is more than just holding the rope. Its an art, and good belayers are a dime a dozen. Here's how to become awesome at belaying with 10 great tips!

Heading into alpine regions or above the treeline gets you the best views. But do you know the dangers up there? And are you prepared? Find out here!

When venturing outdoors, there's one key thing that protects you from the elements- your layering system. Find out how it all works right here...

Getting tired of the plastic? Here's how to transition from indoor gym climbing to outdoor rock climbing with these key tips!

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