Who is the vertical adventurer?


Hey! I’m Patrick!



I used to sit inside all day.


No outdoor adventures. No clue as to what lay outside my city.


That all changed when I went on my first hike. Taking that first step, I loved it instantly! Not long after my first hike, a friend of mine was getting into rock climbing. I was initially hesitant.


Isn’t rock climbing dangerous? There was no way I could do that! I hated heights! F*@k that!


But I took a breath and said yes to giving it a go. I was hooked. It didn’t get any less scary, but I learnt more about myself in those first few climbs than I had ever learnt before.


I started canyoning by chance not too long after that. It rained a lot that summer. With rock climbing postponed until the cliffs dried, I went hiking and noticed all those beautiful waterfalls pumping!


I wonder what it would be like to abseil next to them? Or even IN them? It looks kinda scary though...


But I did it anyway, curiosity got the better of me. And it was… AWESOME! To my dismay, I had not invented a new sport, but rather discovered one that had been around for some decades. Canyoning was not just about abseiling waterfalls, but exploring the canyons that were the hidden waterways in the wilderness. Like caves above ground, they held wonders few would ever see.


And so canyoning became another passion of mine.


I found out after a while that I also really loved getting people outside and out of their comfort zones. Soon I was running an adventure group with over 2000 members for just over 2 years, and took hundreds out hiking, climbing and abseiling.


I loved doing my adventure activities so much I decided to change my lifestyle to accommodate a change.


Adventure over money. Time over possessions. A mini retirement was in just what I needed! I also added a move to a new country into that change, a place filled with adventure opportunities: New Zealand!


And I haven’t looked back!

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Who is this website for?



If you feel like you want to do awesome things in the outdoors but don’t know how or where to start, it’s here on this website! There is tons of info on getting started, and the list of articles just keeps growing!


Hiking, climbing and canyoning are the main topics, and the best way to get started is to download my little PDF book. It’s free, of course!


Just like when I started, you don’t need to have grown up doing sports or outdoorsy things. You just need some enthusiasm and a desire to make a change.


You choose your limit, and together we get you there!


It all starts with a first step, and then another.

Say YES to adventure!


Want an adventure friend? Want to ask a question? Want some advice?


You can contact me directly via social media or email. No question is too silly! I can’t wait to get to know you and help in any way I can!

Starting your own outdoor adventure is easy! We can all do it if we just say yes!