The Ultimate List of Funny Climbing Short Videos! Every Clip You Need to Watch!

The Ultimate List of Funny Climbing Short Videos!

Love climbing? Got some time to spare? Need some quick laughs?

This is the ultimate list of funny climbing short films and video clips!

To qualify, the shorts had to be under 10 minutes long and be of sufficient quality. That means some thought to direction, editing and production was applied.

So to be clear, your mate taking a whipper filmed in portrait mode on your phone isn’t going to cut it, sorry.

To start the list, we’ll kick off with one of my favourites:


Now. Lets start with the basics...

The World’s Best Belayer- Petzl

And if you don’t know how to be a rock climber…

How to Be a Rock Climber

You also need to work out what style climbing you want to get into...

How to Be a Strong Gym Climber

Top Rope Tough Guys

Sew it Up

Downhill Climbing

Ice Climbing

Next, learn the lingo and climbing terminology…

Shit Rock Climbers Say

And then train train train!

Gnar Train- Outdoor Research

And don’t forget to learn about the dangers and safety precautions!

Vertical Limit Guide to Climbing

Upon reflection, you might be wondering what actually qualifies you as a climber…

You Might Be a Climber- Episode 1

And then there's just the random ones...

A Higher Crawling

Tower in the clouds

Pull- A story about lead climbing

Jam: The Journey

So that’s the list!

If you have any others you would like to see here, drop a comment below or send me a message via email or Facebook. I'm always looking at keeping this list as up to date as possible!


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