The Ultimate Canyoning/Canyoneering Film List. Every Film You Need to Watch!

The Ultimate Canyoneering Film List. Every Canyoneering Film You Need to Watch!

Canyoning (or also known as canyoneering) involves the descent of deep, narrow canyons. Using ropes and vertical progress techniques borrowed from caving and climbing sports, canyoning is fast becoming a hugely popular adventure sport. And for the best reason: It’s amazing fun in beautiful locations!

Without launching into another description of what canyoning is, have a read of THIS POST which gives a better written and visual idea of what canyoning is all about if you aren't sure.

But right now I am compiling all the canyoning films I can get my hands on and putting them in one great list. There is hours of stuff to watch, and I will give a quick personal review of what I think of them. They are in no particular order. And if I have missed any, be sure to let me know so I can add them!

So here we go, my ultimate list of canyoning films!


A great little 20 minute film with some beautiful visuals of the canyons around Vancouver. There is not much informative content with the focus being on the clean, fresh visuals.

You can download and buy it HERE.


A great documentary following three perspectives within the sport of canyoneering. Well filmed and with captivating stories, it gives a great indication of what canyoneering is all about. Highly recommend this one!

You can download and buy it HERE.


Coming from a unique location, Taiwan, this film follows the discovery and descent of a new canyon by a full fledged expedition team. It’s great to see the work that goes into development and exploration, as well as seeing the potential for Taiwan as a future Canyoning hub.

You can download and buy it HERE.


It’s all eye candy here with the Adidas canyoning team showing off their skills. Hard for the common canyoneer to relate to as we aren’t all parkour acrobats taking it to the extreme. But I guess it’s still interesting to see what can be done with it. Not much of a story unlike the other films in this list but still a cool watch.

You can download and buy it HERE.


More of the same from the Deap canyoning team, great visuals but not much of a story.

You can download and buy it HERE.


Following some European canyoners, most of them from the Deap canyoning team, it has very little story to it and will probably leave non-canyoneers confused as to what canyoning actually is. Are helicopters required for canyoning? No. But it makes for some great showing off!

You can download and buy it HERE.


The most well known account of canyoneering thanks to Hollywood. Also the one most parents/non canyoning friends will refer to when talking about your recent canyoneering trip. It’s a great watch and an incredible true story. Have your movie snacks finished for the finale.

You can download and buy it HERE.


An excellent film showing the descent of the small tributary canyons running into the Grand canyon.

You can download and buy it HERE.


An older documentary introducing the public to canyoneering. Its OK for a watch but doesn’t have as much of the wow factor as some of the others.

You can download and buy it HERE.


A great watch about an epic descent of a canyon in the Himalaya. You’ll be cold just watching it! The French have certainly mastered expeditions around the world in extreme locations and this one is no exception. Film in french but with subtitles.

You can download it for free HERE.

Expedición Gocta. Barrancos en Perú 2010

This a foreign language film with no subtitles, but if you are trapped in the wormhole of watching canyoning films you might as well see some pretty visuals of this canyoning film about canyoning in Peru.

You can watch it for free HERE.

If you have any films you would like to add, please let me know! Enjoy!


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