How to Find Adventure Buddies

How to Find Adventure Buddies

Whether you have mastered getting out every weekend on an adventure or are still getting there (in which case I have just what you need right here), having some friends to do it with pretty much makes it way easier, and keeps it fun of course! But what happens if your regular partners cancel or bail, or, you just have no (adventure) friends?

In this day and age, the small niches of outdoor activities are much easier to get into thanks to the internet. No longer do you have to grind away in social circles, trying and hoping to meet the right people.

Right now at our fingertips, a whole world of adventure buddies awaits!


Knowing where to look makes all the difference! But also knowing HOW to ask is important. For most of the suggestions below, I’ll outline some basic principles to help you get the most out of that platform.

In all interactions with people online and also in the real world, it’s worth being cautious to begin with. Never go on an epic adventure straight away, start slow on something easy that you could handle by yourself.

This was the place it all started for me. is a great website for getting into different activities, and not just outdoor ones. After going to my first meetup event, a short hike, I instantly started connecting with people and making outdoorsy friends. Many of them are still my friends years later.

After a year of attending events, I took the over the group and ran it for about 2 years. At each event I saw how people bonded and became friends, and I’m fairly certain many of them are still friends to this day.

To get started on Meetup, look up the activity you want to do, and simply join a handful of groups that look promising.

A good idea is to see how the group is run, and look for things like how many people they allow on an event. Too many is not good. Also, see if they take safety seriously by giving appropriate warnings or cautions. This isn’t a definite indicator, but helps a little.

Attending an event is simple, you just RSVP on the website (or app) and then go on the date specified! To see how it all works, you can read my post about it right HERE.

Everyone is in the same boat on Meetup events. Most are new to the activity, and just as eager as you to get to know other people.


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Facebook Groups

In the last few years, Facebook groups have become increasingly popular for seeking out adventure buddies. To find the groups, search for the activity in your area and then simply join!

The hardest part is putting up a post looking for someone. Once you have done it a few times, it’s much easier.

A good idea is to be honest about your skill level when posting. There will always be other people at your level in the group. If you are seeking someone more advanced, some incentive always helps, like offering to drive, buy beers or dinner, as these people will always be getting these kinds of requests. So be different, and appreciate their time!

If your post doesn’t receive the attention or reply you were looking for, simply delete it and post again in a week or two. Sometimes, timing is everything, and many people may simply have missed your post of been busy at the time.


Though it’s not the most obvious place to find people, you can occasionally meet adventure buddies on Instagram. Commenting or direct messaging is how its done, and it’s a good idea to build a relationship with the person first before going that next step. Unlike Facebook groups, it’s a more personal medium, and requires the right social tact when approaching people.

When messaging people, always consider how your message will be received. If it's out of the blue with no prior interaction, it may be best to comment on their photos first and have conversations that way before going all out.


Believe it or not, the dating app ‘Tinder’ is now becoming very popular for meeting adventure buddies! Since location and hobbies can be matched, and practically every single person is using Tinder, many have reported great success in finding an adventure buddy. And hey, if you are single, you might even find your other half in the process!

The key for using Tinder for finding adventure buddies is to make your profile look platonic, rather than going for the usual dating setup of photos and description. To see how one girl is finding adventure buddies on Tinder, have a look at her article HERE.

Activity or Interest Based Apps

With our phones becoming practically glued to our hands, it’s no surprise there are new apps emerging built for the sole purpose of meeting like minded people. Adventurocity (Iphone only) is one such app, but there are many others, often made for locals of countries.

Head into your Apple or Android app store and search your preferred activity (or things like outdoor/adventure buddy). In the future, I predict these sort of apps will only grow.


Before Facebook and mobile apps, internet forums were the place to meet up with people. Many still exist and are very active. Just like Facebook group posts, put up a post with what you are looking for, stay honest with your abilities, and try again if it doesn’t work.

The downside to forums is that you receive email notifications to replies on your post, rather than a instant phone notification like from Facebook or other mobile apps. Emails can get lost in junk folders, and some people prefer having them come through only once a day turning on their phone settings to match this. Still, it's always worth pursuing all avenues if you want to find a cool bunch of people!

In the Outdoors

And of course, you will always meet people in the outdoors. I've met many friends while out doing an activity or just being outside. Those natural interactions have led to some great adventure buddies who I have gone on to do fantastic trips with. Say hello as you pass people on the trail, be open to meeting people.

The best thing about the outdoors is the community you join. Nothing beats the friendships you make out there and the bonds you form!

Got any of your own tips for meeting adventure buddies? Leave a comment below!

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