The Best Gift Ideas for Rock Climbers!

Like most rock climbers, we all love our climbing gear. Often, we can’t get enough of it! So what exactly do you get someone if they love climbing? If we don’t do the activity ourselves or know the latest trends and gadgets, it can be a bit overwhelming on what to get.

It doesn’t have to be like that though! I have put together a list of some of the best gifts you can get your climbing friend/partner/family member.

They will love any of these!

And for the ultimate gift, check right at the bottom to see what will truly impress them!


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Please note: The post below contains affiliate links.


1 ► Reel Rock Films

Reel rock is the absolute best series for climbing films! Each year, a new Reel rock goes on tour and showcases some brilliant films. Here’s the trailer for one of my favourite ones: Reel Rock 11

2 ► Friction Labs Gorilla Grip Climbing Chalk

No climber has ever said no to extra chalk. Friction Labs makes some great chalk and it’s a easy gift for any climber.

3 ► Metolius Finger Tape

Whether trad or sport climbing, climbing tape is a must have! Many climbers even have a roll permanently clipped to their harness!

4 ► ClimbSkin Hand Cream

Once the holds start getting smaller, the wear and tear on the fingers increases. Looking after your hands, especially with the drying effect of climbing chalk, is a good way to keep skin injuries at bay. Hand cream can be applied after a days session and reinvigorates the skin. You’ll notice the difference!

5 ► Nalgene Water bottle

I have bought many cheap water bottles and all have broken- except my Nalgene water bottle. BPA free (naturally) and durable, I have dropped this from 30 meters while rock climbing and it survived, though I don’t recommend testing it this way! The wide mouth makes refilling from creeks easier as well. Also, you can never have enough water bottles!

6 ► ClimbSkin Hand File

For those who are meticulous about looking after their hands, the ClimbSkin hand file is there to keep the skin smooth and take away burrs that happen from slipping off holds.

7 ► Sublime Climbing Brush

Any boulderer will love a new brush, and just like chalk, you can never have enough!

8 ► Alone on the Wall

A great read delving into the mind of Alex Honald who is undoubtedly the most well known rock climber now. Known for his free solo attempts and here it also goes right into his mind with some key insights to his way of thinking.

9 ► Psychovertical

This is one of my favourite books written by a climber not many have heard of. Andy Kirkpatrick certainly doesn’t look like your typical climber but he has some incredible mental perseverance and some insane stories to tell. A must read!


10 ► Petzl Spatha Knife

A knife is handy to have no matter what outdoor activity you do. It’s very lightweight, easy to open and is a perfect size. I keep it clipped on my harness all the time.

11 ► Metolius Grip Saver Plus

After climbing for a while, you’ll come to realize how important it is to train all your opposing muscles. As climbers, we tend to be unbalanced, so sorting out your fingers with this training tool from Metolius is a great way to balance them again.

12 ► Metolius 3D Rock Rings

These mini hangboards are a great way to travel and train. Or they can just be hung in the house or off a tree in the backyard. Either way, these are a great way to train for climbing!

13 ► Beal Rope Brush

Keeping your rope clean is a must do, and the rope brush from Beal is excellent at giving the rope a solid clean. Also great for just brushing dirt off the rope while at the crag.

14 ► Trango Beta Stick

A beta stick, or stick clip as I call them, is a awesome way to start climbing harder routes as the first clip (the first bolt) can often be intimidating. It can also protect some first clips that may be dangerous, like some local crags that had 3 or 4 meter high first bolts!

15 ► Y&Y Belay Glasses

A life saver for the neck when spending all day belaying! These glasses use mirrors to allow you to see the climber while you can look straight ahead! It takes a few moments when you first try it to get orientated but you’ll soon get the hang of it.

16 ► Psychi Rope Bag

No climber will say no to a new rope bag. We all love them and keeping our ropes out of the dirt is a big priority.

17 ► Outdoor Research Crack climbing gloves

When I started crack climbing I used tape gloves. They took time to make, and although reusable, they weren’t as convenient as these things! I love these for alpine climbs were terrain changes and you want to change your style constantly. I highly recommend these gloves for any trad climbing aficionado.

18 ► ZenMonkey Slackline Kit

On those rest days slacklining is an awesome way to stay active and fit, and most importantly, get that great balance climbers require. My old local crag used to have a guy who set these up for everyone to use, and it was great to see the people walking past have a go and get into it!

19 ► Gopro Hero 7 Black

I love the Gopros for their ease of use and ton of attachments. I generally take my Gopro on most trips now as they are small and light enough to not be noticed. New versions like the GoPro 7 also take great photos and that wide angle can be great for the scenery we see on climbs. Ill post some of my videos here soon as examples!


20 ► RescueME PLB

A PLB is one of the best gifts for any outdoorsy person. A life saver in critical emergencies, its peace of mind knowing you have a way to call for help- anywhere on the planet. And for climbers, when we need help, time is critical!

21 ► Garmin InReach Mini

While the PLB is great for its SOS function, the Garmin InReach Mini perfectly compliments a PLB with 2 way communication. Running late from a climbing trip? No worries! The InReach is exactly what you need to let your trusted contact know you are OK but just running late.

22 ► First Aid Kit

No trip into the wilderness should be done without a basic first aid kit like this one. I always like to add some extras like water purification tablets, a firelighter, and strong pain relief.

23 ► SOL Emergency Bivvy

My survival bivvy travels with me on any full day trip into the outdoors. Used as an emergency shelter which will help conserve warmth, it’s small and light and should be in every climbers bag when venturing into adventurous terrain.


► Guidebooks

I love nothing better than getting a new guidebook for an area I haven’t climbed in. It’s a gateway for new adventures with easy to access information on the routes, access and important information. A guidebook will make every climber happy!

► Go Climbing!

Of course after all the physical gifts you can get a climber, we often love nothing more than to just go climbing! Go out for a day, shout them some lunch or dinner, and it’s just a good a gift as any on the list!

Hopefully this list will get you started in finding the perfect gift for a family member, friend or partner (or maybe even yourself)! Getting gear to adventure more is always better than just getting more random junk to fill the house. Gear gets you places in comfort and safety.

Have fun out there!

Got any climbing gifts you’ve received (or really want) that you love? Let me know in the comments below!

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