The Best Gift Ideas for Hikers!

The Best Gift Ideas for Hikers!

Like most people spending time in the outdoors, we all love our gear. Often, we can’t get enough of it! So what exactly do you get someone if they love hiking? If we don’t do the activity ourselves or know the latest trends and gadgets, it can be a bit overwhelming on what to get.

It doesn’t have to be like that though! I have put together a list of some of the best gifts you can get your hiking friend/partner/family member. They will love any of these.

And for the ultimate gift, check right at the bottom to see what will truly impress them!

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1 ► STS Long handled spoon

I lived with my short spoon for far too long before getting my long handled one. It makes getting into those dehydrated meal pouches much easier! And if you don’t eat dehydrated meals, its still much easier to eat out of any pot or bowl with this long version!

2 ► Fozzils Solo Pack Bowls

Washing up while camping can be a pain without the kitchen sink. Fozzils bowls are great as they unfold to easy to wash flat shapes, which are also lightweight and durable. It takes some trust to have a hot coffee in it but they do hold!

3 ► Drybags

Having some dry bags is always handy on those trips that things might get wet. Combined with my canyoning activities, I probably own enough dry bags to cover 4 or 5 hikers needs (I have 11).

4 ► Pack liner

If you don’t have a pack liner yet, you should definitely get one! Nothing is worse than a huge downpour soaking the inside of your bag. It’s also great when hiking in areas with large amounts of insects, with the pack liner creating a barrier between your sleeping gear/clothes and potential unwanted hitchhikers!

5 ► Nalgene Water bottle

I have bought many cheap water bottles and all have broken- except my Nalgene water bottle. BPA free (naturally) and durable, I have dropped this from 30 meters while rock climbing and it survived, though I don’t recommend testing it this way! The wide mouth makes refilling from creeks easier as well.

6 ► McNett Tenacious Gear Tape

Severely under-utilized by many people in my opinion, this tape is AMAZING. Repairs anything from a tent rain-fly to clothes. My shell jacket had many tears and holes, and when patched up with this tape, the tape lasted for years without needing replacement. It even went through the wash multiple times. I have also attached it to holes in my hiking pants which also did dozens of washes without any sign of coming off. In fact, both the hiking pants and shell jacket were retired with the tape still on, proving that this tape lasts longer than the garment!



7 ► Petzl Spatha Knife

A knife is handy to have no matter what outdoor activity you do. While this knife is branded as a climbing knife, it accompanies me everywhere! It’s very lightweight, easy to open and is a perfect size.

8 ► Macpac Prothermals (MENS / WOMENS)

By far the best thermals I have ever used. The fabric construction is obviously well thought out to retain heat while it wicks moisture very quickly. Its breezing when worn by itself, but add any layer and you quickly become toasty warm!

9 ► Sea to Summit Aeros Ultralight pillow

A pillow is a luxury not every hiker splurges on, with many ditching the extra weight in favour of a dry sack and down jacket stuffed inside as a makeshift pillow. The STS Aeros is lightweight enough you can afford to take it on most of your trips. A good pillow and sleeping mat do wonders for a good night's rest!

10 ► Buff

With so many uses, a buff is great to warm the neck, cover the face, or do a multitude of other things. In summer I use a buff to keep the sun off my neck and in winter it’s good to stop the cold air from freezing my face.

11 ► The Gourmet Hiker Cookbook

The more we hike the more we feel the need for a variety of foods. If you want a great book on recipes for hiking, get this book! Tested in the field by the author Jonathan Smith who has won Australian National Geographic grants doing things like crossing the Patagonia ice cap or canyoning in La Reunion island, you can be sure all the meals are perfectly suited to your hiking trips with its real word tested recipes!

12 ► Food Dehydrator

While I don’t have a dehydrator now, I did have one a while back and they are amazing for making your own hiking snacks. I’m not exactly gifted when it comes to cooking, or making any food for that matter, but was able to do basic fruits for hiking trail mixes. And anyone who puts a little effort in to learn proper methods will be able to make some incredible stuff with this!

13 ► Go Girl

My girlfriend was hesitant using this the first time, after all, it’s probably pretty strange to go number 1 standing up, but the Go Girl urination device is a game changer I’m told. I now know quite a few girls using this, all saying the same thing: they love it!

14 ► Gopro Hero 7 Black

If you enjoy recording your trips, nothing beats the Gopro 7 Black with its amazing stabilization (among other great features). I take my Gopro on almost every trip now, and with a few tweaks in the settings, can take some impressive photos! I recently made a short 60 second hiking video of my hike up Mt Alaska in New Zealand. Check it out if you want to see it in action!



15 ► RescueME PLB

A PLB is one of the best gifts for any outdoorsy person. A life saver in critical emergencies, its peace of mind knowing you have a way to call for help- anywhere on the planet.

16 ► Garmin InReach Mini

While the PLB is great for its SOS function, the Garmin InReach Mini perfectly compliments a PLB with 2 way communication. Running late from a trip? No worries! The InReach is exactly what you need to let your trusted contact know you are OK but just running late.

17 ► First Aid Kit

No trip into the wilderness should be done without a basic first aid kit like this one. I always like to add some extras like water purification tablets, a firelighter, and strong pain relief.

18 ► Snake Bite Bandage Kit

For those hiking in countries with snakes (like Australia), a set of 3 compression bandages is essential for that super rare occasion if it were to happen. It’s the only way to treat and deal with a snake bite in Australia and is the standard first aid for it. I have a post about Australian snakes and hiking HERE.

19 ► SOL Emergency Bivvy

My survival bivvy travels with me on any full day trip into the outdoors. Used as an emergency shelter which will help conserve warmth, it’s small and light and should be in every hikers bag.


► Annual Passes to National Parks/hut passes

In the United States a national parks pass can be bought as a great gift to those who love the outdoors or even just want to start getting out more! And in places like New Zealand for example, a huts pass is another equivalent that is appreciated by hikers using the amazing hut system.

► Guidebooks

A guidebook is a fantastic gift for any hiker! In Australia, the Take a Walk series is the best out there, covering all areas with detailed track information. The equivalent in the United States would be the 60 Hikes in 60 Miles which also covers all the different areas.

► Go hiking!

Of course, there is one ultimate gift for any hiker- go on a hike with them! Getting outdoors is not only about nature and the beautiful places we see, it’s also about the experiences we create with one another.

Go hiking!

Hopefully this list will get you started in finding the perfect gift for a family member, friend or partner (or maybe even yourself)! Getting gear to adventure more is always better than just getting more random junk to fill the house. Gear gets you places in comfort and safety.

Have fun out there!

Got any hiking gifts you’ve received (or really want) that you love? Let me know in the comments below!

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