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The Vertical Adventurer is my personal blog that is quickly growing and helping many people around the world make changes in their life and seek outdoor adventures. It is focused primarily on hiking, climbing and canyoning, but will eventually include other activities.


I'll be honest and say that I am quite picky with any guest post contributions for my website and tend not to do them very often, preferring most of the content to be my own.

Guest Post Guidelines


If you would like to see if a guest post is possible, please have a read of the guidelines below.


Article Quality: A minimum of 1000 words is required, but you can make it as long as you like. The article must be original content from you, and not published elsewhere, and also add value to The Vertical Adventurer website and its readers. Please have a look at the type of articles found on The Vertical Adventurer to get an idea of what may suit.


Important: Any SEO or marketing requests for backlinks or content clearly not related in the slightest to The Vertical Adventurer website will be ignored.


Photos and Video: You should include a minimum of Two high resolution images for any guest post, one of which will be used as the title page. More than two is preferred however. Video content is fine to include in the post via embedding through Youtube or Vimeo ect. You must own all images and video, and while you may use the images and video submitted to the guest post elsewhere, it is preferred that the visual content you submit stays on The Vertical Adventurer. By submitting images and video in a guest post, you give permission for their use on The Vertical Adventurer, and you may withdraw this permission in writing, after which your guest post (and associated images and video) will be removed from the website within 7 days.


Credit and self promotion: Your guest post will include credit to you, the author. You are encouraged to include any links you would like (up to 4) linking back to your website and social media. These will be located at the bottom of the guest post, along with a single image of yourself, and a short introduction. You may include a single website or social media link at the top of the guest post where an introduction is made.


Copyright: By submitting a guest post to The Vertical Adventurer, you are giving me full copyright ownership of the post. This helps with any DMCA related issues. You are however, as per the images and video section, you are able to request a removal of your post in writing, after which it will be removed within 7 days.


Links: You may include outgoing links throughout your post, but these must be relevant to the topic and add value for the readers. Affiliate links to your own account are not accepted at this time. All links will be edited or deleted at my discretion if I feel they do not meet the requirements. Internal links to The Vertical Adventurer website are also preferred when applicable. A list of blog post titles and their urls can be provided, otherwise they may be added during editing by myself.


Social Media: Your post will be promoted at least once on The Vertical Adventurer Facebook page.


Format: You should write your guest post to match the same formatting as found on the rest of The Vertical Adventurer website. Long paragraphs of text are not accepted. You should keep in mind the SEO, url and keywords you will need for your guest post, and it is preferred you also list these separately for clarity in editing.


Guest posts can be submitted via PDF or Word documents.


If you are ready to send me a pitch or idea, head over and fill the contact form HERE.