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Climbers love their gear! So what exactly do you get someone if they love climbing and seem to have everything already? Well, this list should help!

Belaying is more than just holding the rope. Its an art, and good belayers are a dime a dozen. Here's how to become awesome at belaying with 10 great tips!

Want to avoid arguments while climbing? These are the top tips to climbing with your romantic partner and being a good climbing couple! Practice makes perfect!

Getting tired of the plastic? Here's how to transition from indoor gym climbing to outdoor rock climbing with these key tips!

Rock climbing is exploding around the world as a fun way to enjoy the outdoors. Want to get started but not sure how much the gear will cost? All is explained!

What is rock trundling? Why is it done? And why on earth would anyone want to do it?

Climbing injuries suck. All your friends keep climbing while you are stuck recovering missing out on all the adventures. So what can you do? How do you manage?

Timaru isn’t exactly the most mountainous area in New Zealand. But that doesn't mean there's nothing there. When I decided to have a look, I was quite surprised!

Blowing the chalk off my hands, I watch as the wind carries it away. Waves crash below and seagulls squawk as they drift in the wind. Is this New Zealands best seaside climbing?

Are rock climbers insane? Why would anybody want to do it? There's a lot to it, but here we break it down...

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