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One of the best ways of going ‘light’ while spending nights outdoors and getting close to nature is with a bivy sack! Here is how to use a bivy sack!

Winter can be a fun and exciting time or just plain miserable. Here's how to make the most of winters with tips for the outdoors! You might even get to enjoy it!

We all love our outdoor gear! So what are some great hiking gifts you can get those special people in your life that already seem to have it all?

Mount Barney offers one of the best summit experiences in South East Queensland! Here is what you need to know for your first trip there! Adventure awaits!

Smashing ice up a frozen waterfall might not be everyone's idea of a good day out. But there's no denying it, it’s freaking fun! So what is ice climbing?

Heading to New Zealand? Here are 8 must have phone apps to make adventuring easy!

Even as you drive into Mount Cook, the incredible views stun you. You’ll pass many lookouts filled with vistas that will have you wondering if New Zealand can get any more beautiful? Well... it does!

Scrambling can be both fun and intimidating for many people. Want to know how to be safe and improve your scrambling abilities?

You can see the billowing clouds closing. That postcard-perfect day has now turned to tar-black. Like a predator stalking its prey, you’re almost out of time

How do you get outdoors more and on adventures? Are you dreaming of all the places you'd rather be? Me too! So join me and do something about it!

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