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While the majority see it in the busy summer, winter can also be a fantastic time to see the Routeburn track with some planning and preparation...

Whats it like living in a van? And what are the good and bad things about it? Find out right here with our lessons from life on the road! You might be surprised

I peered into the crux of the canyon, 'The Slot of Doom', I knew we were in for a ride of a lifetime. Could this be New Zealand's best canyon? We would find out!

Here is why you need to try it out canyoning in New Zealand right now! No matter is have never done it before or are a seasoned canyoner, New Zealand is waiting

Could this be one of New Zealand's most amazing hikes? Here is what you need to know about The Valley of the Trolls & Lake Wilson!

Queenstown offers so many activities for the adventurous, it can be hard to pick what to do. So here are the best Queenstown hikes you need to check out!

The Copland track to the Welcome Flat hot pools is one of New Zealand's best hikes! Here is all you need to know about going, gear and what to expect!

Queenstown is a special place with incredible vistas. But it's also quite expensive. Here is the ultimate list of free things to do in Queenstown!

Mt Alaska is a great peak 45 minutes drive from Queenstown and sitting just above Glenorchy. Here's how the trip went and why you should check it out!

I think anyone that passes through Oamaru gets a big surprise when they stop there. One of those surprises was Adventure Books.

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