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Located in the Dart Valley, New Zealand, Eagles Nest canyon is a massive canyon with over 40 abseils! Find out how my adventure down from the Eagles Nest went!

Whats it like living in a van? And what are the good and bad things about it? Find out right here with our lessons from life on the road! You might be surprised

I peered into the crux of the canyon, 'The Slot of Doom', I knew we were in for a ride of a lifetime. Could this be New Zealand's best canyon? We would find out!

Mt Alaska is a great peak 45 minutes drive from Queenstown and sitting just above Glenorchy. Here's how the trip went and why you should check it out!

There's a lot of water in New Zealand. So it was a bit of a surprise to find this dry canyon. Could it be the only one?

I looked up at the steep vegetated slopes. Rocky bluffs jutted out here and there providing welcome breaks from hauling myself up this mess.

With the huge basalt columns at the Pinnacles and the dotted crags amongst tussock slopes at Woolshed, you would be hard pressed to find a more accessible, yet adventurous, climbing area near Christchurch!

The Campbell creek canyon trip ends up with some extra adventure at the end. Will it be my most classic adventure yet?

Rumoured to be one of the BEST adventure trips in the world, here is what it is like doing the 170 meter abseil into Harwoods Hole...

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