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The ultimate guide to doing Cave Stream in New Zealand's south island. See the beauty and have the adventure everyone is talking about! This experience is free and a must do!

The Campbell creek canyon trip ends up with some extra adventure at the end. Will it be my most classic adventure yet?

Blenheim might not be known for having Great walks like some other New Zealand towns, but I was surprised to find 2 very nice hikes, all easily accessible and right near the town.

New Zealand was in the midst of a nation wide heatwave. Coming from Brisbane, where the humidity reaches astronomical levels, it wasn’t too bad

Ever wonder if there’s still anything out there left to discover? Since I was a kid I loved exploring, even if I didn’t get to do it in the outdoors much.

The wall of mist was approaching fast. Just as the sun sets and darkness spreads. It would envelop me within a few minutes.

As the sun heats up over summer, we find ourselves looking for places to cool off. As popular swimming holes fill up, we all crave a little solitude and peace

What's the weirdest thing you've seen on a hike? And what should you definitely NEVER bring? Well, I think THIS is one item you should never bring on a hike!

Camping in caves! What a way to satisfy the inner kid!

One of the best locations in New Zealand for ice climbing, Wye creek is an absolute must do for every climber and outdoor adventurer!

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