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Off trail hiking made me fall in love with the outdoors. Before heading out on your own off trail hiking trip, here are the skills you need to know!

One of the best ways of going ‘light’ while spending nights outdoors and getting close to nature is with a bivy sack! Here is how to use a bivy sack!

Hiking is by far the best and easiest way to get outdoors and experience nature. Here is all you need to know to get started with a complete guide to started!

Could this be one of New Zealand's most amazing hikes? Here is what you need to know about The Valley of the Trolls & Lake Wilson!

Queenstown offers so many activities for the adventurous, it can be hard to pick what to do. So here are the best Queenstown hikes you need to check out!

The Copland track to the Welcome Flat hot pools is one of New Zealand's best hikes! Here is all you need to know about going, gear and what to expect!

Heading into alpine regions or above the treeline gets you the best views. But do you know the dangers up there? And are you prepared? Find out here!

When venturing outdoors, there's one key thing that protects you from the elements- your layering system. Find out how it all works right here...

We all love our outdoor gear! So what are some great hiking gifts you can get those special people in your life that already seem to have it all?

Who doesn’t love a good view! Here are the top 8 mountains in south east Queensland you need to climb for amazing views!

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