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There's a lot of water in New Zealand. So it was a bit of a surprise to find this dry canyon. Could it be the only one?

The ultimate guide to doing Cave Stream in New Zealand's south island. See the beauty and have the adventure everyone is talking about! This experience is free and a must do!

Rumoured to be one of the BEST adventure trips in the world, here is what it is like doing the 170 meter abseil into Harwoods Hole...

Every canyoneering/canyoning film you need to watch, all in one list! Time to get stoked on some adventures!

In sunny Queensland in Australia, nothing beats the cool fresh waters of natural creeks in the hot humid heat of summer. With most easily accessible water hole

Just as you wonder how much further you have to go, you hit it. Right in front of you are the remains of the wreckage. Some twisted, rusted metal is...

Ever wonder if there’s still anything out there left to discover? Since I was a kid I loved exploring, even if I didn’t get to do it in the outdoors much.

Camping in caves! What a way to satisfy the inner kid!

I had no idea what we would find there. But one thing was certain. We would not turn back. The adventure that ensued will forever remain in our minds.

Covering the best canyons around Brisbane and SE Queensland, this is the ultimate guide you need! Canyoning is a great summer sport, so get out there!

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