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I peered into the crux of the canyon, 'The Slot of Doom', I knew we were in for a ride of a lifetime. Could this be New Zealand's best canyon? We would find out!

What is rock trundling? Why is it done? And why on earth would anyone want to do it?

With the huge basalt columns at the Pinnacles and the dotted crags amongst tussock slopes at Woolshed, you would be hard pressed to find a more accessible, yet adventurous, climbing area near Christchurch!

My first time searching for a missing hiker and the bigger mystery that followed.

Rumoured to be one of the BEST adventure trips in the world, here is what it is like doing the 170 meter abseil into Harwoods Hole...

Camping in caves! What a way to satisfy the inner kid!

I had no idea what we would find there. But one thing was certain. We would not turn back. The adventure that ensued will forever remain in our minds.

What would you do to follow your dreams? Do we all make the choices we really want in life? I plan to find out.

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