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Belaying is more than just holding the rope. Its an art, and good belayers are a dime a dozen. Here's how to become awesome at belaying with 10 great tips!

Want to avoid arguments while climbing? These are the top tips to climbing with your romantic partner and being a good climbing couple! Practice makes perfect!

Getting tired of the plastic? Here's how to transition from indoor gym climbing to outdoor rock climbing with these key tips!

Rock climbing is exploding around the world as a fun way to enjoy the outdoors. Want to get started but not sure how much the gear will cost? All is explained!

Are you a keen hiker that wants to try climbing or just learn the skills to do it? Maybe you want to challenge yourself or see new places. This guide will help!

Smashing ice up a frozen waterfall might not be everyone's idea of a good day out. But there's no denying it, it’s freaking fun! So what is ice climbing?

Love climbing? Got some time to spare? Need some quick laughs? This is the ultimate list of funny climbing short films and video clips!

Dry tooling may seem strange and weird to both rock climbers and non climbers alike. So what exactly is dry tooling? And why do people want to do it?

Queenstown is quickly becoming a ‘must go’ destination for alpine pursuits. But on bad weather days, why not try the dry tooling crags?

With the huge basalt columns at the Pinnacles and the dotted crags amongst tussock slopes at Woolshed, you would be hard pressed to find a more accessible, yet adventurous, climbing area near Christchurch!

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