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Dry tooling may seem strange and weird to both rock climbers and non climbers alike. So what exactly is dry tooling? And why do people want to do it?

Ever felt like you just can't get yourself motivated to achieve a goal? Sometimes we need an adventure accountability buddy to get us there! Here's how they work...

Heading to New Zealand? Here are 8 must have phone apps to make adventuring easy!

What is summit fever? When do you accept the hazards and make the call? Sometimes you just have to turn back no matter how close you are to the top.

Nothing says 'I've changed my lifestyle' like packing up and living in a van for a while. Here are 12 things that vanlife will do to you!

Moving or travelling long term to a new country can be a daunting thing. Here are some valuable tips on things to do or not to miss!

What is Canyoning? Is Canyoning for You? Find out if this amazing sport of exploring canyons is right for you! Fitness, gear and knowledge is important, but how much does it require?

The wall of mist was approaching fast. Just as the sun sets and darkness spreads. It would envelop me within a few minutes.

Whats better? Self taught or instructed? Is it actually safe for someone to learn all the rock climbing safety skills by themselves? Whats the risk?

Navigation is a skill often put on the back burner. This isn't just another map reading tutorial. Want to know the secret to getting better at navigation?

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