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Off trail hiking made me fall in love with the outdoors. Before heading out on your own off trail hiking trip, here are the skills you need to know!

Finding other adventure buddies can often be the hardest part about getting outdoors when you are starting or have moved someplace new. Heres how you can do it!

Working a 9 to 5 job? Only have the weekends for free time? Here is how to maximize those weekends and have epic adventures!

Adventure sports are on the rise. So what's the hype about? What exactly happens to you when you do an adventure sport?

Winter can be a fun and exciting time or just plain miserable. Here's how to make the most of winters with tips for the outdoors! You might even get to enjoy it!

Hiking is by far the best and easiest way to get outdoors and experience nature. Here is all you need to know to get started with a complete guide to started!

Belaying is more than just holding the rope. Its an art, and good belayers are a dime a dozen. Here's how to become awesome at belaying with 10 great tips!

Want to avoid arguments while climbing? These are the top tips to climbing with your romantic partner and being a good climbing couple! Practice makes perfect!

Canyoning is a fun activity that's quickly growing around the world. So how much does it cost to start canyoning? And what gear do you need to get started?

Rock climbing is exploding around the world as a fun way to enjoy the outdoors. Want to get started but not sure how much the gear will cost? All is explained!

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