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I peered into the crux of the canyon, 'The Slot of Doom', I knew we were in for a ride of a lifetime. Could this be New Zealand's best canyon? We would find out!

Could this be one of New Zealand's most amazing hikes? Here is what you need to know about The Valley of the Trolls & Lake Wilson!

Travelling to New Zealand? Want to travel by van? Here's how much it costs to live the vanlife in the adventure capital of the world: New Zealand!

Starting your first hike, whether its half an hour or several hours, can be an exhilarating moment. So here are 5 tips you need to remember when starting!

I looked up at the steep vegetated slopes. Rocky bluffs jutted out here and there providing welcome breaks from hauling myself up this mess.

How do you get outdoors more and on adventures? Are you dreaming of all the places you'd rather be? Me too! So join me and do something about it!

My first time searching for a missing hiker and the bigger mystery that followed.

Lamington National Park is one of Queensland’s best places to start hiking. A trip to Larapinta falls is a must do item for any hiker!

The ultimate guide to doing Cave Stream in New Zealand's south island. See the beauty and have the adventure everyone is talking about! This experience is free and a must do!

New Zealand was in the midst of a nation wide heatwave. Coming from Brisbane, where the humidity reaches astronomical levels, it wasn’t too bad

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