Located in the Dart Valley, New Zealand, Eagles Nest canyon is a massive canyon with over 40 abseils! Find out how my adventure down from the Eagles Nest went!

What started out as a perfect sunny day turned a little more epic while ice climbing. Should we have just gone skiing? Here's how it all went...

Could this be one of New Zealand's most amazing hikes? Here is what you need to know about The Valley of the Trolls & Lake Wilson!

The Copland track to the Welcome Flat hot pools is one of New Zealand's best hikes! Here is all you need to know about going, gear and what to expect!

Mt Alaska is a great peak 45 minutes drive from Queenstown and sitting just above Glenorchy. Here's how the trip went and why you should check it out!

“It has to be easier than the usual walk out”. It started with those words. It was the first time I used them, and unfortunately, not the last.

It all started with a photo, I knew something good had to be here. I was going to find out whether this little canyon was worth a trip. I was in for a surprise!

What is rock trundling? Why is it done? And why on earth would anyone want to do it?

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